How do I start my programme?

If you are part of a corporate programme then please use the Login button. You will be asked for your email address
and your password. Your email address will be the one to which we sent you the link to our home page.
The password will also be detailed in that same email. You will then have the opportunity to set your own password.
In future login using your email address and new password. If you left the programme before completion you will be taken
to the last unanswered question. If you completed your questionnaire you will be able to access you personal report.


What happens if I forget my password?

When you logged in for the first time we asked you for a password reminder. This reminder will appear if you type in your
password incorrectly. If you have forgotten your password please ask your administrator who will liaise with Third Pillar of
Health to have the password reset and confirmation emailed to you.


Are my answers really confidential?

The quick answer is yes. We know that without this key promise it would encourage people to input false information.
That would be pointless. We want you to derive as much benefit from your individual report as possible to reward you
for the short amount of time that you took to complete the assessment.



We will be using your individual answers as part of a composite group report of all your colleagues to present the answers to
your organisation to understand where any particular issues lie so we can work with them to put together solutions. We may
also use the total data from time to time for our marketing and PR purposes. BUT AT NO TIME will we reveal your personal
data without your permission. In the future it is likely that we will be able to source trusted partners who have individual solutions
to common problems. In this instance we will ask your permission for the partners to contact you directly or allow you to
contact them directly.