About Third Pillar of Health

Third Pillar of Health is a leading provider of fatigue management
solutions to public and private sector organisations. Through
assessment, training and online learning we help individuals and
organisations identify and tackle fatigue.

Whilst most of us are now aware of the need to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables
every day as part of a balanced diet and that we should take regular exercise few people
are aware of the need to obtain sufficient good quality sleep.

Sleep, together with cardio vascular fitness and nutrition form the three pillars of good
health. Sufficient good quality sleep is vital to keeping us healthy and productive. It is a fact
that sleep levels and the quality of sleep is declining leading to daytime fatigue. With
fatigue comes poor productivity, poor health, low morale, high levels of stress and low
engagement at work.

This assessment has been compiled with leading sleep research scientists and is based on
validated questions.

Please feel free to visit our website (www.thirdpillarofhealth.com) for more information.